Caring For Your Cockapoo RescueCaring For Your Cockapoo Rescue

Always check with your dog rescue center when adopting a Cockapoo rescue what care routine the center has been following. That’s so you can be sure that the transition from rescue center to your home is a smooth as possible. Find out as much as you possible can before taking the dog home. Find what they’ve been feeding the dog and how much, what it likes and dislikes and what form of exercise it’s been getting. It’s also very important that you understand what (if any) medical care the dog has received whilst it’s been in the center.

As dog energy levels go, your typical Cockapoo has a ‘moderate’ energy level. They certainly don’t have the high energy levels of their breed ancestors and forefathers – the Cocker Spaniel, which is why so many homes and families are looking to adopt Cockapoos as their family dog. Despite their lower energy levels it doesn’t mean that Cockapoos aren’t active and on the go and they certainly don’t spend all the day sleeping.

All dogs need regular exercising and a Cockapoo will be no exception. Regular exercising is essential for a dog because it help them to maintain their body weight and fitness. It’s also a good way for them to release some of their energy plus it’s simply plain good old fun!. Your Cockapoo will need around a good 15 minutes of exercise per day, you can do this through walks are by simply having fun in the backyard.

Your Cockapoo has been bred to be an indoor dog and therefore shouldn’t be kept or kennelled outside. They don’t mind being homed in apartments but do ensure that the space isn’t too confined.

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