What is the reason my dog eats poop?What is the reason my dog eats poop?

“Why does my dog eat poop?” This is not a common question for pet owners.

Your dog will see your waste as food, so it’s normal to get confused and a little irritated as you try to figure out what has sparked this interest. Despite how strange it may seem to you, this behaviour is quite common. Coprophagia is the act of eating faeces. It’s common for dogs and many other animals. Here are some explanations.

Growing dogs is a fascinating hobby.

We don’t know why your dog would like to eat another animal’s excrement, but it’s possible. The strong smell could attract your poop-eating pup. Perhaps he smells the food he has eaten. Your dog may be eating faeces out of curiosity. Dogs explore the world with their noses.

Mothers clean their babies.

The mother dog will clean up after her puppies as they adjust to the new environment. The mother will invariably ingest the pups’ faeces while she licks them. This is normal behaviour and should be corrected once the puppies start caring for themselves.

Diet Deficiencies

“He doesn’t seem to be very curious or a parent, so why is my dog eating poop?” It could be due to malnutrition, depending on the situation. Dogs deficient in vitamins and minerals may eat the faeces from other animals to make up for them. If your dog is eating a balanced diet like Hill Science Diet and your veterinarian has given you a clean bill of health, malnutrition may not be the reason for his interest in pooping. Your vet should be kept informed about any changes in your dog’s behaviour.

Fear may cause your dog to do strange things.

Are you a harsh disciplinarian who has punished your dog for peeing in an area he shouldn’t, like your bedroom? Fearful of the consequences, your dog may eat the poop to conceal the evidence. If this happens often, your dog might become compelled to continue looking for faeces to ingest. Proper toilet training is the best way to stop this behaviour. Dogs who are injured or have an accident at home should have their faeces removed before they can eat them.

How to Stop It

It is best to make sure that your dog does not eat faeces. If your cat is a cat, make sure the litter box is not accessible by your pet. All diapers that a human baby has used should be put in a trash container. Do you have accidents with your dog? You can restrict your dog’s access to certain areas in your home to be aware of potential accidents and allow you to watch him closely.

He’ll be more inclined to eat the faeces of other animals if you take him on walks. Just make sure that he is always leashed. Keep your dog close to you if he is sniffing out the faeces from other animals. Pick up your dog’s poop as soon as he stops.

As with other undesirable behaviours, it is important not to punish your dog for such behaviour. Dogs do not associate bad behaviour with punishment. Instead, you can use command training to teach your dog things like “leave it.” This will help him understand why this behaviour is unacceptable. However, suppose you are still in the middle of training him to avoid this behaviour. In that case, it is worth having breath-freshening treats available–especially if your dog is one of those that loves to give slobbery kisses. Although you might not think that training your dog to stop eating poop would be a part of the relationship, it is full of adventures!