Tips to bring your cat and dog togetherTips to bring your cat and dog together

Many dogs and cats get along well with each other. Gentle, friendly, and not predatory dogs can make great housemates. It doesn’t matter if you have a cat or are thinking about getting one. This article will give you tips that, if used effectively, can help you bring your cats and dogs together.

Always start at a young age.

Most kittens and puppies have never had to interact with cats or dogs. If you’re thinking about having a dog or cat in your home, having them both at the same age is a good idea.

Choose the right pet.

It would help if you thought about this when you’re looking to bring a pet dog or cat home. A cat who is familiar with cats and a dog that is curious about dogs is the best match. Strays and animals that have been rescued can still live together, although they will need more care and socialization. Some breeds of dogs are naturally driven to chase prey and shake them, so cats should not be living with them.

Do it slowly

Felines are territorial creatures and don’t like changes in their environment. It is best to introduce felines slowly or gradually. Be patient with your feline companion and allow them to get to know one another over a few days or weeks.

Always keep a short leash.

When introducing your cat to your pet, it is a good idea for him to be leashed. This will allow you to keep your pet in control. You will also be able to intervene quickly if things get out of control. You can also allow your pet to be confined together in a carrier or crate.

Combine their scents

The scent is the way that dogs and cats learn about each other. Passing the scent between your pets before you introduce them is important. You can do this by rubbing your pet with a soft towel. Then, leave the towel in the cat’s room. You can then move the towel to a place where your dog will play or rest for a few more days.