The 6 Dumbest Animals In The WorldThe 6 Dumbest Animals In The World

There is a lot of talk about smart animals. The dolphin is smarter than humans. Koko, the Gorilla, could communicate with you in sign language how much she loved you. Animals are, however, just like us.

You’ll find someone just plain dumb for every genius in the group. This is not always true. Just because you have a brain, doesn’t mean that you lack mental dexterity. Below is a list of animals that prove beyond any doubt that they can be just as stupid as we are.

#1 : Giraffes are the dumbest animals in the world

Giraffes are funny because of their long legs. Its neck can measure up to 6 feet in length. People assume that the neck of the giraffe helps them remove leaves from tall trees. However, there is only a small number of trees in East Africa where the Giraffe lives. The giraffe seems very quiet and has little to no communication. Many assume the giraffe must be dumb. The long legs of the giraffe make them useful as offensive weapons. The giraffe can kick in any direction with pinpoint accuracy. It can strike a deadly blow if it is close enough to its prey. Giraffes use their long necks and swing their heads like a club to feel threatened. This allows them the ability to kill or hurt animals quickly. Although giraffes don’t communicate very often, they can send messages to one another. Because of their frequency, giraffes communicate with each other using grunts and moans that are difficult to hear. Giraffes also communicate by looking at each other and touching one another.

#2 : Killdeer is the dumbest animal in the world

Killdeer are a savage animal that runs around screaming their call. They draw attention to their predators and attract it. They are even more aware of their predators and do not attempt to flee. They stand still and move around, almost as if they are having hiccups. These birds can even make nests on the ground where they are easy prey for predators. should be nominated for an Oscar for dumbest bird behavior. An adult killdeer bird will run towards a predator if it sees one near its nest and yell its name. Also, the killdeer bird pretends to have a damaged wing. The predator believes he will find a tasty meal so the killdeer bird takes off and returns to its nest. If they have hatched, it is welcomed back by its mate and its baby birds.

#3 : Komodo Dragon – The World’s Dumbest Animal

Komodo dragons can grow to be three meters in length. Even though they are so big, Komodo dragons can be very fast when they are hunting prey. Komodo dragons look like something from a sci-fi film. These reptiles are the largest members of the Lizard family and live in Indonesia. Their jaws are large and can be opened extremely wide. Komodo dragons have one of the dirtiest mouths in all the animal kingdom. They can kill larger animals by delivering enough E.coli and other bacteria in one bite. They then follow them around and wait for them to die within a few days. These lizards can consume up to 80% their body weight in one meal. They don’t know when to stop eating, so extra weight can make them very slow. Their stomachs are full when they feel a predator approaching and they will vomit the contents of their stomach. They can move faster and the predator might eat the partially digested food instead.

#4 : Horned Lizard: The World’s Dumbest Animal

A Mexican Plateau horned lizard (Phrynosoma orbiculare cortezii). Its horny appearance and coloration helps it to blend into sparse vegetation. Because of its unusual shape, the horned Lizard is squat and flattened. It also has a short, blunt nose. Although it may look unusual, they are actually quite lazy. Their bodies have spines. They wait for an ant wandering by to grab it before they grab it. They spend their days in the desert being lazy. A horned Lizard can fire blood from its eyes if it feels threatened. Because of their unusual body, they are able to get close enough to their predators. Predators are often put off by the lizards’ blood, which can reach up to three feet. The blood from the lizard’s eyes comes out of a special duct and is toxic to dogs, such as dogs, wolves and coyotes. They can also inflate their bodies up to twice their normal size. They look like balloons. Because of this, other animals won’t approach them for fear of being poked. Find out more about horned Lizards, their North American habitat. Next, find out if they think you are dumber than the pandas or if they think the horned Lizard is smarter.

#5 : The World’s Most Dubious Animals: Secretary Bird

A secretary bird (Sagittarius serpent Arius) flying through a dry field. This is one of Africa ‘s weirdest birds. It struts about the savannah with the head of an eagle and the legs of a stork. Secretary birds might be some of the most stupid birds on the planet. These birds, which live in sub-Saharan African grasslands, have long legs and sharp feet. The long legs and pointed toes of these birds are a defense mechanism that is essential despite their unique appearance. This allows a bird of 7.3 pounds to stomp at 36.5 pounds. This bird can deliver the force in just 15 milliseconds. They use their powerful kicks to kill snakes that are venomous.

#6 : Northern Fulmar Chicks are the dumbest animals in the world

Fulmar and young on the nest. The Fulmar is a superb glider of the open Northern ocean. They brave storms and rough weather when other sea birds might seek refuge. Fulmar chicks are some of the most stupid birds. Fulmar birds return to the land to only lay one egg and provide food for their young. While the chicks are unable to fly, they rest in their nests on rocky ledges above the North Atlantic or North Pacific oceans. These birds are often considered the dumbest because they have a secret defense mechanism. They projectile vomit on predators if they get too close. The proventricular is a special area of their stomach that stores the rancid oil the chicks vomit when they feel threatened. It can also be fatal. The oil is not able to be removed by predatory birds, which makes them unable to fly. Foxes that attempt to attack nests get a full-face, which means they can’t sneak up on their prey because they can smell them coming.