Spoiling Pets Is A National HobbySpoiling Pets Is A National Hobby

As a nation, we are well known for being pet lovers and spoiling pets is becoming a bit of a hobby for most people. You only have to look online to see how much clothing is now available for dogs to see how things have changed in the last decade. Back then, we would consider a dog in a coat weird, these days we rarely give it a second look. On top of that, we now have beauty centers for pets so that they can be pampered. Do the animals enjoy being dressed up and being styled? Well, if they didn’t, then they would use their teeth to let us know.

Why do humans enjoy spoiling pets? Animals tend to give us unconditional love, especially if we treat them well, and by spoiling them it makes us feel as though we are paying them back in some way for the love that they give us. Giving a treat is not just for dogs though, there are now plenty of ‘extras’ you can buy for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and many other pets. In fact, there is so much merchandise available to spoil our pets with, that the industry is now worth $Billions every year.

Many online retailers that deal with pets now sell numerous clothing items for your beloved animal. However, these are all made in bulk, probably in China. Your pet may look good in its new coat, but how would you feel to visit the local park and see another dog in the same coat? It would be something like two women who do not know each other turning up at an office party in the same dress. That is not good.

To prevent that from happening, it is worth paying a little more money for something unique. The very expensive items are available at pet boutiques, but you can get unique handmade items much cheaper. A lot of people work from home and sell their wares on eBay, so it is always worth looking there for something. You can also contact these people and have them make something even more unique just for you.

Obviously, the latter option will cost a little more.

Some people tend to go a few steps further and put boots on a dog. That may be a good idea if you are taking the animal somewhere that has a lot of mud, but for good weather, let the animals walk on its own feet, that is what they are for. A new craze that is taking off is to use natural dyes which washout to change the color of an animal. I have seen dogs with fur colored the same as the Stars and Stripes. This is more for the owner rather than the pet, and it does not harm them in any way.

Spoiling a pet is not something that will harm an animal, and if it doesn’t mind, and the owner is happy, then it is fine. Always consider the safety of the animal before doing anything though, as that should be first and foremost in your mind.

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