Smells Of The Holidays…

Be Sure They Are Delectable“I see you still have your cat,” says your sister as she enters your house. “And your dog, too.”

While your home may be spotless for the holidays, and the inviting aromas of food drift through the house, the twitching noses of your guests suggests they smell something else.

Eliminating pet odors is not an impossible task. But it can be daunting. Following a few tips from experts can leave your home smelling fresh and clean during the holiday season.

One source of pet odors is urine, whether from long-ago puppy training days or from a current pet that is “having accidents.” The answer to this problem is to use a bacteria/enzyme digester available at pet stores.

Bacteria/enzyme digesters work well, but they work slowly, say pet authorities. Be sure to use the solution as long as directed. Urine probably has penetrated down into the carpet and pad, so use enough solution to reach down as far as the urine did.

It is recommended that the area be covered with plastic for several hours after treatment. Heavily soiled carpet will need professional cleaning.
If you are not sure where the smells are coming from, a simple black light, available in many pet stores, will pinpoint urine in carpet and walls. Litter boxes also can be deodorized but if the surface has been scratched or roughened it will need to be replaced.

What about “eau de dog?” Its source is hair, dander and oil, all of which can be on the carpet or upholstery. The cure is a brisk brushing and good shampooing. Start by having your dog professionally groomed.

Pet owners can use vacuums with a good beater brush or roller brush. Vacuum bag fresheners are an easy way to enhance the perception of “clean” that guests get when they enter your home. A true vapor steam cleaner which uses the same Italian technology that powers espresso machines, won’t leave any chemical or soapy residue behind.

Remember, too, that routine housekeeping chores are a good way to keep odors at a minimum. Wash the dog’s bedding at least once a week. Changing the cat litter box daily, and using rugs and throw mats where your dog likes to lie down also is important. If you do this, the smell of greenery and baking will create memories of the holidays.

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