Small Mammal Cages & Runs

Having a small mammal is every child’s dream. And it works for parents as well – having pets of this size are a lot easier to care for and take up much less room than cats or dogs, with many of their cages easily fitting in the home or garden. And, if you’re looking for hamster cages, gerbil cages, guinea pig cages, a rabbit hutch or similar, then there several things you need to be thinking about.

Types of small mammal cages available

The first thing you need to know is the types of cages available. Well, there are plenty to choose from, with there being almost as many cage types as there are types of pet to put in them.

Hamster cages and gerbil cages are probably the ones most readily associated with small mammal care, but even within this realm there are plenty of options to choose from. You can get simple hamster or gerbil cages that are just one level, or you can get different types of hamster cages that have several floors connected by tubes. A lot of hamster cages give you the option of adding to them as you go along, making it bigger and better with every new purchase.

Then you can have types of rabbit hutches and guinea pig cages. In many cases these two types can be incredibly similar, and you can get options for both inside the home and outside. Rabbit hutches for inside the home are usually made out of wire or cage material, but if you’re looking to keep your pets outside the home then wood is the material of choice. The same applies with guinea pig cages, but in both options you’ll be able to find variations according to size and preference.

Rat cages are another common choice. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can use hamster or gerbil cages to keep rats in – these will usually be far too small, and rat cages need to be specifically designed for rats. You’ll often find rat cages made out of wire material, giving them the chance to climb up the sides or onto other levels.

How to choose your small mammal cage

Choosing the right small mammal cage obviously depends on the type of pet that you own. For example, there’s no point putting gerbils in rat cages as they’ll often be able to fit through the bars, and equally hamsters could get lost in guinea pig cages or a rabbit hutch, so always choose appropriately.

Where to buy your small mammal cage

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