Reasons To Adopt A PetReasons To Adopt A Pet

There are many reasons to adopt a pet over buying one. Here are some of the reasons to adopt instead of buying a pet.

  • Pets can be purchased for $500-$1000 depending on whether they come from a shelter in the city or from a rescue group that has spent money grooming, vet bills, and boarding.
  • A mixed breed animal will give you more value for money than a purebred dog. A lot of purebred dogs can develop health issues, such as breathing problems, hip dysplasia, and an enlarged heart.
  • Buying a pet from a pet shop is an unknown. Once you leave the store, it’s your own responsibility. Pet stores rarely offer support for pets that are having problems. Adopting a pet, especially one from a rescue organization, means you will know exactly what you’re getting. They have a history of the animal. Because they are committed to providing a loving home for the animal, the rescue group can help you with the familiarization phase.
  • Adopting a pet is a way to save a life. You are also supporting an industry that promotes the suffering of animals. The kitten and puppy mills, which sell to pet shops, are in it to make a profit. These animals are often in poor health and suffer from problems such as inbreeding and socialization issues. Click Here for more information about puppy mills.
  • You can adopt any age of kitten or puppy. You may find a more suitable pet in an adult or senior dog. Adopting an adult dog that is house-trained and understands basic cues can be easier than adopting one who has to learn these things.
  • Adopting a pet means you will get the same love and affection as buying one.

Adopting over buying is a simple decision. Homer Simpson would have said, “Doh!” I’ll accept the adoption…and a donut, please.”