The Pomeranian is a member of the AKC Toy Group where it was shown in the miscellaneous classification in 1892, gaining it’s regular classification in 1900. The standard height for this dog is between 7 and twelve inches and weight is between 3 and seven pounds. You often see Pomeranian pictures on commercials and advertisements for small dogs. With the right food and veterinary care, you can expect a lifespan of 15 years for this dog.

The Pomeranian has a fox like look with a wedge shaped head, pointed ears and fluffy fur. These little dogs always seem to be smiling and have an intelligent expression with dark, sparkly almond shaped eyes, teeth that meet in a scissors bite and noses that either match their fur or are dark. They also should have a distinctive feathered tail that fans forward of their backs. A Pomeranian has a generous ruff around both the neck and chest region. According to breed standards, the coat can be solid or parti colored. Allowed colors for the Pomeranian are Brown, red, cream or white, orange, black and blue.

Intelligent and eager to please their owners, Pomeranian dogs are quite loyal to their families. But these eager dogs can also be a bit temperamental and willful at times. While Poms are quite adept at learning tricks, you do need to train them with kind firmness or they might think they are the boss.

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