Pet Shop Rules:Pet Shop Rules:

What good are rules if they don’t get implemented? They have no value.

It doesn’t matter if certain things are related to us. We won’t know about them until we do. How many pet owners know that the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has created rules under Pet Shop Rules 2010 to regulate the animal trade? It is not likely that there will be a landslide of yeses. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sadly, Delhi’s authorities have not officially applied these rules to Delhi’s pet shops.

There is hope. Animal welfare organizations like Blue Cross, People for Animals, and Federation of Indian Apex Animal Protections Organisations (FIAPO), have written to Justice AP Shah, the chair of the Law Commission, to ask him to promulgate Pet Shop Rules.

Pet Shop Rules for 2010,

Pet shops are businesses that sell live animals to make a profit. Animals are not commodities. They are human-like and can feel pain, hunger, and thirst like humans. Specific rules were created to ensure the well-being of innocent animals. Profit-making should not be allowed to interfere with their health and happiness. Only licensed pet shops that meet the Pet Shop Rules operational standards would be allowed to operate.

Why is it important?

Most people can be driven to extremes of meanness by their desire for profits. People may avoid sharing their tender feelings with others, especially those who cannot object or fight for what they believe is right. Congested living conditions, inadequate food and water, plucking feathers, declawing kittens, selling unweaned/underage birds and other horrible practices are now the norms of the pet trade. Exotic and wild animals are being sold in large numbers due to the lack of control in the transactions.

Pet Shop Rules provide guidelines that cover almost every aspect of running a pet store. It has established the size and area of the enclosure or cage that every dog, cat, bird and rabbit should have according to their weight. It is important to choose the right floor for each animal. Other rules include:

  • Creating an exercise program for your animals.
  • Maintaining proper ventilation, noise control and temperature.
  • Keeping records and specifying the animal’s age and the number of attendants required.

You play a significant role.

The laws are here to empower you. However, you have to be willing and able to use them. Albert Schweitzer stated, “Until man extends the circle of his compassion to all living creatures, man will not find peace.” To ensure that you are fully informed about the Pet Shop Rules 2010, please read the Pet Shop Rules 2010.