Know The Species So You Feed The Correct Turtle Food To Your Pet

Knowing what kind of turtle you have is important so that you are able to feed them a proper diet. If you do your research before visiting the pet store, you are more likely to find a pet that will fit your needs and you will know the proper turtle food for which to feed them.

The Aquatic Turtle Food Diet
Most species of aquatic turtles are carnivorous. This means that will thrive on a diet that is at least 65% to as high as 90% of animal protein. This should be supplemented with 10% to 35% of vegetable based food products. It is important you know the species to insure you are feeding the correct turtle food to your new pet.

Commercial turtle food and earthworms can comprise up to 25% of your pet’s diet. Other foods they will enjoy are live feeder fish, commercial dried trout pellets, rehydrated cat food, mollusks and snails, as well as frozen pinkie mice. Keep in mind that for those species that are carnivorous, juveniles will need to eat more animal protein while growing than when they become adults.

Grated carrot and clover are part of the aquatic turtle food diet. Recommended greens are collard, mustard and dandelion. They will also enjoy small quantities of grapes, cantaloupe, mango and apple. Just be sure you are not feeding them the seeds.

The Semi-Aquatic Turtle Food Diet
The semi-aquatic turtle is considered an omnivore. This means they will eat a diet that is 50% fruits and vegetables and 50% of animal protein. As we mentioned, it is vital that you know your turtle’s species in order to feed them a well balanced diet. Your semi-aquatic turtle may need a diet of animal protein from 10% to 50%. Some foods you may want to feed your turtle are commercial turtle food and trout pellets. They also enjoy eating live crickets and earthworms. You are advised to buy these items so as not to spread diseases that may be carried by their wild counterparts.

The fruit and vegetable portion of their diet should be between 50% and 90% of their total diet. Turtle food in this category is collard, mustard or dandelion greens, endive, grated carrots, flower heads and winter squash. They also will enjoy strawberries and other types of berries as well as cantaloupe.

You may find that your turtle enjoys a particular food. It is okay to indulge him, but be sure he is not eating that particular food exclusively, rather as part of a well balanced diet to insure he is getting all the proper nutrients he needs to live a long and healthy life.

Doing a bit of research before you purchase your pet turtle can make it easier for you to build the proper living quarters to keep your turtle content. It can make finding the right balance of turtle food simpler which will only benefit the new addition to your family.

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