Keep A Dog Healthy On A Doggy TreadmillKeep A Dog Healthy On A Doggy Treadmill

I was up late working with the TV on in the background one night when I saw the ad for a dog treadmill. The lady on the television had three differently sized dogs huffing it on this miniature treadmill. They were roped in and I felt like the whole scene just looked so ridiculous. Who needs a dog treadmill? I wasn’t really paying attention to the TV show anyway, so I let it stay on while I worked on my computer.

After about 15 minutes, I was getting distracted with work. My dog was at the doggy bed at my feet, sleeping soundly. I didn’t want to wake him up by going into the kitchen for a glass of water, so I just sat in my chair and did some chair stretching. My attention wandered back to the TV show.

The lady on the show was now talking about the benefits of the doggy treadmill. She said that it is important for pet owners to walk their dogs for am minimum of 30 minutes each day in order for the dogs to be healthy. I was lucky if I got ten minutes in with my dog to the end of the street and back before work.

Because I work for such a large part of the day and take care of my family with the other part, certain responsibilities inevitably slip. I am embarrassed to say that the responsibility to my dog was the first thing to go. I let him run around in the back yard all day, but do not properly exercise him the way that I should.

After spending a few more moments pining over the doggy treadmill, and feeling a bit of guilt for the sleeping friend at my feet, I picked up my cell phone and ordered a medium sized treadmill. Several weeks later, it arrived nearly fully assembled. I set it up in our living room and began to go over the training manual.

Within hours, I had our dog strapped into the treadmill the same way the TV personalities had the dog strapped in. sure enough, once the engine started and the treadmill started rolling, my dog started jogging. I set the timer for 30 minutes and got back to work. My dog jogged for the entire time and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. He huffed and puffed and when it was all over, he fell at my feet for the most sound and relaxing sleep I bet he has had in awhile. Now, even though they initially laugh, I recommend the treadmill to all of my friends.

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