How to train your dog to use a doggie doorHow to train your dog to use a doggie door

You’ll need to take some time to get your pet used to the new door. These accessories are not something that all pet parents can learn. Let’s find out why a doggie gate is beneficial for your family and how to teach your dog to use it comfortably.

A Door for Your Dog’s Good

Our pets and ourselves love our easy-to-use life. The doggie door is open. This cutout on your exterior door leads to a safe yard. It allows your pet to play, exercise, and take a break when they need it.

It is possible to train your pet to go to the doggie door to exit the house. Pets who learn this routine will be able to return home after going out quickly.

Your doggie door should always be locked while you are away from home for safety reasons. This will prevent intruders from entering your home, even nocturnal creatures like raccoons.

Common reactions to a Doggie Door

Your pet may be reluctant to use a doggie gate if they have never done so. You won’t be able to share the experience with your pet as it’s new.

Your pet must push against the flap of a doggie door to use it. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), this is not normal behaviour and may confuse. To help your dog learn the ropes, be patient and encourage them to work with a family member or friend.

How to train your dog to use a doggie door

Pets love to play games! This is how you get your dog to use your door opening. Asking someone to help you will ensure your dog’s success.

  • First, remove the flap from the doggie door and secure it in the open/up position. One person should stay in the house with the pet while the other goes outside. The pet will be able to see you through the opening.
  • Next, you will call your dog with a cheerful voice and a treat in your hands. You will get them to open the doggie door to meet you. You can praise them and pet them after they have come to you.
  • Keep going until your pet is confident in using the doggie door. You may begin to notice your dog using the doggie doors more often on its own.

Once your pet is comfortable playing this game, you can continue the steps with the doggie doors in their closed, unlocked state. To show your pet their yard, you may have to poke the flap with a hand. You can check if they are okay with the flap material touching their fur as they go. It may be necessary to hold the flap material of the door for them several times before they feel comfortable with it touching their skin. To help them get used to the idea of the door touching their back, you can swap the stable door for something more flexible, such as a towel. Reinstall the flap on your doggie’s door.

You should also train your dog to return to you when they are done. You don’t want your dog going outside in the rain or staying outside during bad weather. You can also use the same training methods mentioned above to get your dog to come back inside.

Your pet and you both will feel empowered if your pet can go outside to use the toilet. You can feel confident that your pet is happy and secure using the doggie door. It may take some time to learn, but the freedom it gives your dog is well worth it.