How to stop your dog from chewing up everythingHow to stop your dog from chewing up everything

Dogs’ mouths work much like ours. It is their preferred tool to explore the environment. Your dog will often eat and chew on something interesting to him.

Some dogs chew excessively, which can lead to destructive behaviour. You must correct this problem, so your dog has the best possible care.

Dogs chew for many reasons:

  • Teething can cause a puppy to chew.
  • It can happen out of boredom or out of instinct.
  • If your dog is anxious about being left alone or uncomfortable in the environment, it could be anxiety.

Identify the root cause. This is the key to stopping chewing behaviour.

  • Boredom is likely to cause chewing on many objects around the house, regardless of whether you’re home or not. Your dog will likely need more play, exercise, and physical activity to burn off energy. You can also kick the habit of chewing by providing appropriate chew toys.
  • Separation anxiety could be the reason. As a nervous reaction to you being absent, dogs may chew or paw in an attempt to escape. This type of chewing is difficult to treat when you are not there. Dog behaviourists use counter-conditioning, socialization, and desensitization techniques to treat separation anxiety. Ask your vet if your dog could benefit from being referred to a veterinary behaviourist.

Use discipline properly. You can only discipline your dog when it is chewing. Your dog will not associate chewing with punishment if it finds a chewed-up shoe within an hour. Although your dog might seem guilty when placing the shoe in front of its face, this is only submissive.

Stop your dog from chewing. Give your dog a chew toy when your dog stops. Give praise to your dog when they start to chew on the toy.

There are many types of chew toys available. Don’t give your dog anything that looks too similar to something you don’t want to be chewed. Your dog will not be able to distinguish between shoes and clothes if you don’t provide them.

Use deterrents. Products can be applied to household items to discourage your dog from chewing them. These products are not only unpleasant for dogs but also not harmful to their health.

For any additional advice or suggestions, please consult your veterinarian.

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