How to Stop Dog Fence FightingHow to Stop Dog Fence Fighting

Dogs who fight through fences can become a major nuisance in the neighbourhood. It’s not easy to move into your dream home and then be bothered by the constant noise of your dogfighting with your neighbour’s dog.

Although it is not something anyone wants, fighting between dogs can become quite common. These are some ways to understand the situation, stop it and what you can do to make peace with your neighbour.

What is Dog Fence Fighting?

Are you unsure what is happening when two dogs fight through a fence? Do you worry that your neighbour’s dog has become aggressive? It’s important to remember that fence fighting is more about being territorial than aggressive.

Fear or anticipation of danger is often the reason a dog acts territorially. Your dog may be barking at the neighbouring dog to assert its rights over your property. They may also feel anxious about the possibility that a neighbouring dog might be trying to invade their territory. This is why it is important to be alert for aggressive behaviour.

If the situation is not resolved, one or both dogs could become aggressive if they can’t get past their territorial boundaries.

Is fencing fighting the same as playing?

You might think your dog is playing nicely with the neighbour’s pet, even if they aren’t together.

It’s most likely not. While some dogs might yip or whine to let their furry friend play, there’s a big difference between barking to protect your territory and whining about playing.

The Curbing of Dog Fence Fighting for Good

“Fortunately for most owners, fence wars’ can be broken or prevented through proper training,” Nicole Ellis, a professional dog trainer and certified professional, writes in an article for American Kennel Club.

Consider the obedience training that you did with your pet. Many commands can help your dog during a fight at the fence. If your dog starts to run towards the fence, you can use “sit” or “stay” to help. You can call your neighbour’s dog to come out if you are outside, but your dog is still on your property’s perimeter.

According to the ASPCA, “This high level motivation [to protect their spaces] might mean that your dog might not respond to unpleasant or punishing actions from you such as scolding and yelling when they are territorial barking.”

What would you do to motivate your dog? You could also consider other activities such as walking away from your home, fetching a ball, or participating in a dog obstacle course. You can also encourage good behaviour by giving treats to your dog.

Approach Your Neighbor For Help

You don’t have the problem to solve alone if you listen to dogs fight through a fence. Talk to your neighbour to discuss ways to reduce your pets’ behaviour.

You could change the outdoor time your pets spend outside each day. You might decide to socialize your dogs to help them become more comfortable with each other. You may be able to share the cost of a trainer who can train both your dogs at the territory lines. It may be necessary to agree to put an interior barrier in your yard, so your dogs don’t get too close.

It is important to take action if you see damage to the fence. One or both dogs may be exhibiting aggression by destroying the fence. The dogs damaged the property. This could indicate that they are trying to escape from the other animal or protect their space.