How to make your dog to sleep in a kennel

Okay, you have a dog, you have bought a dog kennel or a transport dog crate, but how do you make the dog to spend her time in it ?

Well these are few things to consider if you want to teach your dog to spend her time in the box which you bought for her.

You should train the dog to go in it, when the dog is still a puppy, this will be more easier to train her. You know the saying:” You can’t teach an old dog, to do new tricks”, well this is true, and if your dog is old, and you will try to teach her to go in the kennel, you well get this answer from her:”Screw you, let me in your bed, where
I have slept the last 5 years”, in a dog’s style.

You should never, ever, and really NEVER use the transport dog crate or the kennel as a punishment for your dog. The kennel will associate for her as a “prison”, and she will not want to go back in it.
You should put his toys, and her favorite items (Yes, even if those are your shoes) in the kennel, and make her to play with them. You will make the dog to feel as it is “his place” where she can play, and spend her time. After a time she will get used to it, and she will go there by herself.

When you have some juicy steak, or some fresh meat for your dog, or the the traditional “dog food” put it in the kennel. That’s how you gonna get her used to the kennel as well. Don’t do this too often though, this can make her eat only in the kennel, and nowhere else, which also is not so good.

If you are planning to travel with your dog, buy the transport dog crate about 1 month or earlier before the trip. And use the methods, which are mentioned above, to make your dog feel like it is her place. If you will rush to the local pet shop to buy the transport dog crate in the same morning when you’re going on your trip, this will be very bad for the dog. As this is gonna be a sudden change of his environment, and he is gonna be in a pretty big shock “Where the heck am I ?” She will be trying to get out of the crate, scratching it, moaning, and will feel really stressed. I hope that’s not your trip’s objective, huh ?

These were the methods, which normally should work, don’t just rush your dog in the kennel or crate, do it slowly, if she will be interested in it, she will get used to it.

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