How to Halter a HorseHow to Halter a Horse

A halter is a typically leather or rope headstall that is attached to the reins of a horse. Halters can also be used for tacking up a horse or grooming a horse. Here’s how you can successfully halter a horse or a pony.

Get familiarized with the different parts of a halter.

Start by having the horse in a safe enclosed area such as a corral or paddock. This way, the horse won’t get hurt if it tries to get away from you.

Locate the buckle on the crown piece (the topmost part of the halter). Approach the house.

Slip the lead rope around the horse’s neck so you’ll have something to hold on, should the horse try to escape or move away.

Stand on the same direction where the horse is standing, on the horse’s left.

Use your right hand to hold on to the crown piece, with the noseband (the part that secures the horse’s the upside and downside of the horse’s nose) in your left.

Use your right hand to reach under the horse’s neck, still keeping your crown piece in your hand.

Slip up the noseband up the horse’s nose and carefully guide the noseband so that it the noseband is oriented properly. The noseband should be on top of the horse’s nose and the chinstrap, under.

Pass the crown piece over the horse’s neck very gently, just behind its ears. Don’t brush down the ears and don’t use rough movements as this will end up spooking the horse. Make sure that you don’t poke the horse’s eyes.

Fasten the buckle securely, but not too tightly. In fact, it should be quite loose. Use both hands when buckling.

You can now release the halter and hold the horse by the lead rope. Adjust the halter accordingly.

Don’t wrap the lead rope around your hand and be sure to stand next to the horse at all times.

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