How to Groom a Shih TzuHow to Groom a Shih Tzu

A Shih tzu is a cute miniature dog that is loved by people of all ages. Whether you’re a serious dog breeder or a simple dog owner, the important thing to remember is to properly care for your dog. Here are some tips you can follow when grooming your Shih Tzu.

Things You’ll Need:

A bristle brush
A comb
Medium sized bath tub
A pair of trimming scissors

Gather all your materials before grooming your Shih Tzu. Having all the materials you need within easy reach will make the task easier and faster to accomplish.


Use a medium sized bath tub with a rubber mat when bathing your dog. This will prevent your dog from slipping.

For puppies, it’s better to use a mild shampoo that will not irritate your puppy’s eyes, if in case it accidentally gets into his eyes.

Dilute the shampoo and conditioner. Follow the instructions properly. Having a strong solution might harm your puppy’s hair. The most common ratio is a teaspoon of shampoo or conditioner to a liter of water.

Wet your dog. Create a lather. Be sure not to miss any area. Avoid rubbing the hair as it can cause tangles, which may be hard to brush off later on. Start on the backside and the hind legs of your dog. Rinse thoroughly.

Work your way to your pet’s shoulders and sides. Use your fingertips to spread the shampoo on your dog’s entire body and then rinse. Wash your Shih Tzu’s face, ears and whiskers next. Remember to use a downward motion when spreading the shampoo.

Remove used water and fill it up again with fresh water. Remember to use the right kind of water temperature when bathing your dog.

Pour the conditioner on your dog and spread it using your fingertips. Rinse well.

Let your dog stay in the tub with the conditioner for a few minutes.

Take your dog out of the tub and squeeze out the water.

Use a towel to dry your Shih Tzu. Remember not to rub too much to prevent creating tangles. (More tips on how to dry a wet dog)


Place your Shih tzu on a sturdy table. This way, he can stand or lie down comfortably. You may find it hard to groom a scared or agitated dog. Make the process comfortable for him.

Use a hairdryer to make drying your dog’s hair faster and easier. A low heat is recommended for drying your puppy’s hair.

Gently brush your puppy’s hair with a bristle brush. Part his hair so that you don’t miss a spot. Some pet owners only brush the outside layer, leaving the inner layer full of tangles. You can also use a straight comb for brushing your dog’s hair

Carefully brush your puppy’s hair that covers the eyes and ears. Cut the hair if it’s too long that it covers your puppy’s eyes. Use a pair of trimming scissors. Trimming your dog’s hair requires skills. If you don’t know how to, visit your pet’s parlor and let someone show you how to do it correctly.

Use your fingers to undo the tangles. Don’t pull out tangles, as it will hurt your dog. If you can’t undo the tangles with your fingers or brush, you may opt to cut the tangles off.

Make sure to keep hair around the mouth, eyes and buttocks short.Also check these areas frequently for any signs of infection so that you’ll be able to promptly get appropriate treatments and prevent further complications.

Trim your Shih tzu’s nails cautiously. If you trim it too short, you might accidentally injur your dog.

Grooming your Shih Tzu is really very easy. Treat him like a real baby that needs some tender loving care. For more information regarding this article, read the Top ten ways on how to keep your dog healthy.

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