How to Find a Lost Hamster

Hamsters may be small, cute and furry but don’t be fooled by their sweet looks: They’re great escape artists! Should you find that your hamsters is on the lam, don’t panic just yet. Take the necessary steps in locating or luring back your hamster back to its home. Here’s how.


Hamster food
Humane mouse trap
Aluminum foil


Try to keep the same doors closed and open as when you found your hamster gone. This will help you narrow down the places where your hamster could’ve gone.

It may help to start tidying up your room or other rooms in the house. You can clear up more floor space and the sound of things being moved around can prompt your hamster to go out of hiding.

Search out the area in concentric circles, starting from the hamster cage. Be methodical about it, and look in areas where hamsters can fit in such as furniture, closets, beds, boxes and the like.

Be careful when you’re looking for your hamster. You might accidentally step on it or drop something on it!

When night is about to fall, put hamster food in each room to lure them out. Using their favorite food or treats may make it more enticing. Put aluminum foils in the areas leading up to the food so that you will hear the foil rustling when the hamster runs through it. Nighttime is ideal because it will be less likely to have other family members step on the food, and hamsters are more active foraging for food at nighttime.

Keep the doors closed, especially the doors leading outside. Don’t slam doors if you do have to open and close them. The hamster may be sitting in the wedge between the door and the wall.

Sprinkling flour in various areas of the house may give clues on where the hamster is should the hamster leave footprints on the flour.

Lure the hamster back into its cage by sprinkling peanut butter, yogurt, crackers or sunflowers seeds in a path leading to its cage. Keep the cage open to entice your hamster to go back to its comfortable cage.

Use a humane trap, one that doesn’t kill when an animal follows its lure. Set it up in places where your hamster is most likely to be. Use hamster food as bait for the trap.

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