How to choose a Transport Dog Crate or Kennel ?

So how do you choose the right transport dog crate or kennel for your 4 legged friend ?
First of all you have you have to look for the right size, so the dog feels comfortable in the crate or kennel. This means, the dog must be able to stand up without any problems, and sleep in it. For transport dog crates the size must be that big, so the dog can feel free in it. But for dog kennels, it is recommended that the dog can also turn around without any problems. As transport dog crates are made for traveling, but dog kennels are made because the dog can have his private space.

Many dog trainers and experts say, that choosing a wire dog kennel or transport dog crate is a quite bad idea. The dog feels not so secured in them. Because the dog is visible from all the sides, this makes the dog to feel more endangered. You also don’t like to live in a room, made of glass. I and dog experts recommend you to buy a transport dog crate or a dog kennel with the function to “close” it. To see the right transport dog crate for you, visit, I have mentioned there couple of main points, how you should buy the right kennel for your dog.

Transport dog crates and kennels, must have good ventilation, you don’t like to sit in a smelly room, do you ? So does the dog, so make sure the kennel is easy to ventilate. Choose kennels with windows, as I mentioned above, the best transport dog crates and kennels are the ones, that reveals your dog less. But windows is a must, why ? Because they ventilate the kennel or dog crate, and it gives the ability for the dog to reveal herself, if he wants to. And if he doesn’t want to, he will just lie down. As well dogs want to be sure, what is happening around them, and that nobody is entering their territory. You don’t like to live in a basement in the dark, so does the dog.

Before buying a transport dog crate or a kennel, without any exceptions check, or ask the seller if there are any sharp edges. Sharp edges can injure your dog, and that is not what we want. And the last but not list, if you still choose a wire transport dog crate or a kennel, put something on the kennel’s floor, like a rug, or a dog’s bed. The wired floor, can make your dog’s nails to hit the ground or floor, and that can make your dog’s nails bleed. So be careful.

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