How Frequent Do You Do Guinea Pig Cage Cleaning

Guinea Pig Cage Cleaning: Owning pets ensures that you ought to do extra work in your home. Due to the fact household pets want attention, it really is vital you need to clean up their environment as well, to make certain that they stay healthy. Guinea pigs are no exception. A lot of the pet owners usually do not want to clean their pet cages since it is boring. They would favor carrying out other activities which they like and cleaning a pet’s hutch is the very last thing the owner really wants to carry out. Having a family pet means extra responsibility. You have got no choice but to clean up your guinea pig’s home in order to keep them alive. Of course, choosing to possess a pet immediately means you must clean their environment.

Guinea pigs, the same as any other pet, are inclined to excrete lots of urine and poop over a short period of time. I discovered out that adding shavings within a guinea pig’s hutch might cause medical problems and so I changed them with newspapers.

After a day or two, I was astonished to discover how filthy the newspaper had become, and it was also extremely wet. I had put together the concept it may have been a trickle from the pig’s standard water container, but I eventually understood it was wee, so they wee a tremendous amount. Shavings help decrease the level of wee inside the hutch by soaking it up, and also the pig’s poo is often covered by it also. Since I have got rid of it (shavings), just about every waste material can be viewed and it is not really a pleasing vision to observe.

Cleaning up the cage developed into more of a bother. It is important to change the paper now and then, wash the cage nice and clean, safely disinfect it, and set brand-new and clean sheets of paper and fresh new hay. In the past, I just had a single guinea pig, which in turn meant the hutch was basically wiped clean once a week. At the moment, I actually have 4 guinea pigs and I inform you, owning 4 of these is actually much! The hutch requires cleaning every two days. Obviously, the more guinea pigs you possess, the more frequent the cage ought to be washed.

I have thought of practical statistical observation regarding the number of guinea pigs a person has and how often the cage has to be cleaned out.

Possessing one guinea pig requires a weekly cage cleansing and maintenance.

The cage with a couple of guinea pigs has to be cleaned every four days.

Four guinea pigs demand a lot more attention. The cage should be cleaned every two days.

In case you have over four, then the cage should be cleaned each day.

Furthermore, my budget for the hay has increased considering that I now possess four piggies.

Nevertheless, I don’t mind spending on my household pets. Besides, timothy hay is cheap and the piggies like it.

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean out the cage, this means you have to take out the guinea pigs and safely disinfect the complete cage monthly or weekly to keep a good and healthy natural environment for the guinea pigs.

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