Free Hen House Plans: Step by Step InstructionsFree Hen House Plans: Step by Step Instructions

Are you searching for free hen house plans? One of the first questions is always “how and where do I build a chicken house?”. Your Hens will need a pen that will let them rest lay and nest but that will also provide protection from nasty predators and the weather.

Most people opt to rear chooks to supplement their greengrocer amount and to have fantastic home grown, organic eggs that the whole family will love. The environment will also love you for it!. And if you are like most new chicken farmers you don’t want to spend mega-amounts on this project. If this sounds familiar, then be assured that you are not alone and finding free hen house plans is a great way to start.That’s a reasonable expectation – it means you have made the all important first step.

By having a set of instructions for your poultry house is very important because it will steer you through your mission. And there are lots of free hen house plans both available onlineand in books. So which one?

There are so many free hen house plans available, you might get a tad overwhelmed by the choices, so you will have to look at every one and make sure that it meets your needs. But how do you know what your needs will be?

There are a few key fundamentals that you will have to look at.

To begin with, you need to settle on how many chooks you need to raise. If you are going to have more than four to six chickens then you are going to want a medium or large poultry enclosure or barn. Any less than this then a small hen coop is okay.

The second thing, you need to be aware of is what the weather is like where you live. If the weather is unpredictable you need to choose hen house plans that have sufficient accessories and protection from the elements so that the girls have somewhere to go to stay warm and safe.

You also will need to make sure that which ever set of hen house plans that you pick has a blueprint that allows for painless cleaning and maintenance of the poultry pen. This is extremely important for the health and well being of your chooks, and to prevent the overpowering odor that can come from a shoddily maintained enclosure.

You also should keep in mind your purpose and funds when raising hens. If you are wanting to keep them as a hobby or as pets for the kids, and only need them to produce a few eggs then you don’t need a big commercial enclosure. But if you really want them to focus on producing eggs, you will need to look at the accessories like restful nesting boxes and roosts.

So ensure that you decide on a coop that meets your requirements and that will be simple to maintain and that does all of this while staying within your budget.

With these in mind, you should be getting a clearer idea about the kind of hen house plans that you need and you can start browsing the available plans in earnest. Once you have chosen a plan, then the fun starts!

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