Fat Guinea Pig

Possessing a fat guinea pig is typically not a good idea. Just like human beings, it is actually as a result of three factors, none of which tend to be especially healthy. One particular bit of good news with regard to guinea pigs is they live nowhere near so long as human beings, and so they are not vunerable to the long term risks which overweight individuals may develop. The three issues are which guinea pigs are usually not likely to suffer from are heart attacks, diabetes or stroke because of being obese.

Nevertheless, they could have hereditary problems meaning that they could have these health issues.

My very first ever guinea pig had 2 heart attacks, the 2nd one killing the poor little dude. Yet he was slender and as fit as a fiddle besides that. It was simply just one of those things. One of my current guinea pigspossesses an a bit more excess weight than the girl ought to, however she’s not really considered as obese. This excess weight is a result of the fact she got her ovaries removed following a bleed while she was younger, and thus her hormones are out of kilter. She’s kept really active.

Therefore, when there is a recognized medical related reason behind a cavy having excess weight, then that is okay, but keep close track of them.
If they happen to be overweight because of the incorrect food and insufficient exercise, then it really is a failing on the owner’s part. Even though eat a large amount of various kinds of food, it does have to be well balanced. Carrots consist of a lot of sugars, as does almost all fresh fruit. The last mentioned ought to just be provided infrequently.

My piggies get access to carrots throughout the day and night, although that is simply because throughout the day they have got the room to run about, or when it is warm outdoors they then make use of the run or I put them inside the greenhouse. Only during the night will they be secured in a cage.

Therefore they are able to consume high energy food because they burn it off. Should you always keep a piggy inside a cage or hutch all the time, and feed it with high energy foodstuff, then it will put on fat. When this is the case, then simply reduce fruit, veggies and coloured dried food, and raise the volume of hay and pellets. Give two different types of hay; meadow, and timothy or orchard.

Additionally, two sorts of brown pellets. This subsequently provides the pets a selection of fibre.

An additional reason piggy’s may gain excess weight is because of being alone. Guinea pigs really should not be by themselves, they must be in at the very least pairs. This stops them getting bored to death and depressed, and they’ll even have pleasure running after one another. That burns up energy helping to keep the fat down. If it is possible, keeping them in three’s generally guarantees that they run about a great deal. Make certain all of them are exactly the same sex, though, or a single neutered male and 2 girls. In no way combine 2 males along with 1 female because they may fight.

In other words, to take care of an overweight piggy, make certain the pet has a lot of space to run around a few hours each day, plus alter their diet regime.

This can not just help it to live much longer, but it is going to be a lot more happy.

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