Facts about rabbitsFacts about rabbits

Rabbits are part of the family of Leporidae, which means a family of mammals. They can be seen in the forest, grasslands, meadows and wetlands, and they live as a group. The European rabbit lives in underground burrows or a rabbit hole. In North America, we could find half of the world’s rabbit population. The male rabbit is known as a buck, and doe for the female. Like cats, the young rabbit is also called a kitten or a kit. The normal reaction when we see a rabbit is that it is so cute and adorable, but there are so many facts about rabbits that we should know.

In terms of hearing, smell and vision, the rabbits have an excellent sense of all of these. They can detect predators from any direction because of their senses, that’s nearly 360 degree panoramic vision, it means that they will be able to see almost everything behind them. They do have a little blind-spot in front of their nose. Similar to a kangaroo, the rabbits may also leap around one meter high and three metres long, because of the powerful hind limbs which permit them to jump remarkable distances. They may leap into the air, twist their entire body and flick their feet for an expression of their happiness.

Rabbits really like being in a bunch or company of many other rabbits, they’re loving and sociable creatures. They really like a friend, plus they ought to be kept in pairs so that they will not get unhappy and get bored stiff. They’re territorial creatures, rabbits reside in warrens comprising of an complex series of subterranean passageways with numerous exits and entrances. In the event that you will keep them as a family pet, you need to offer decent protection and several hiding areas, so that they won’t feel vulnerable, open areas make them feel as if they’re not really secure. They consume grass, and the best foods for them is definitely hay to help with good digestive function. Eating carrots and fresh fruits usually do not supply adequate nutrition which their body requires, that can cause them to be malnourished. Rabbits can be trained to exercise and go over small jumps, as well as other tricks.

Like humans, being active reduces the risk of rabbits becoming overweight or obese.

Rabbits as a parent will build nests for the baby bunnies, but after the doe gives birth, she will not remain in their nest because this would attract the attention of the predators. They are protective animals, to make sure that their babies are safe, they will put them in the bottom of their nest so it will remain hidden until meal time where their mothers wake them up to eat. The father rabbit is tolerant of a young rabbit, if neutered can remain with his new family. A buck must be neutered before being put back with the mother because she can conceive again not long after giving birth. Otherwise they should be kept separately.

The rabbit is a small creature, but for the Chinese zodiac this signifies graciousness, kindness, tenderness, empathy and style, it is one of the twelve animals that provide them good luck.

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