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As you learn more about dogs you will find that there are a variety of dog coats. Some are short and others long, some are coarse or wiry, while others are silky smooth. Some dogs shed heavily year round and some shed seasonally with a modest amount of shedding.

The amount of shedding will decide the quantity of hair you have lying around the house, the amount of clean-up you will have to do and the amount of brushing that both your clothes and your dog will need. It is not possible to keep a home absolutely free of small amounts of dog hair that build up under furniture and in corners of a room, or to keep yourself and your furnishings hair free.

This is particularly true when you live with a heavy shedding dog like a German Shepherd or Dalmatian. There will always be some loose hair in your home no matter how often and how carefully you clean.

For that reason, the amount of shedding should be measured in light of three character traits: your need for personal spotlessness, your wish for a clean living space and your desire to groom your pet.

To determine if you can live with a dog that sheds a lot, write down if you agree or disagree with the following questions and statements:

I don’t like it when a dog gets hair all over me and the furniture.

I am embarrassed if guests come to my house clean and leave with dog hair on their clothes.

I get very uncomfortable when my residence is not scrupulously clean.

I enjoy being smartly dressed.

I feel uneasy in casual clothes.

It bothers me when I always have to pick up after people.

It’s hard for me to relax until all the rooms in my home are clean and tidy.

I am worried about what people say and think about me and my house.

I don’t grow any house plants as I don’t have time to care for them appropriately.

I usually don’t have sufficient time in my day to get everything done that I want to.

I don’t enjoy monotonous tasks.

There is no suitable area in my home where I could easily groom a dog.

If you agree with at least 8 of the above12 statements, it suggests that you shouldn’t get a dog that sheds a lot. The more the dog breed sheds, the more unhappy you will be. You will only find yourself mad at your dog because you have to clean up after it all the time, brushing it and removing the hairs from your clothing and furniture. But, if you disagree with at least 4 out of the 12 statements, odds are you do not mind living with a dog that sheds often. You will need to learn more on how frequently to Bathe Your Dog..