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There are three primary methods that can be used to properly dry the coat of a dog, depending on the breed of dog you are working with. They are: The fluff dry method, the cage drying method and the towel dry method.

The fluff-dry method is probably the most difficult to achieve and involves a high-speed floor dog dryer. This dog drying technique is a very important and critical step in the correct grooming of certain breeds such as the Poodle, Afghan and Maltese.

When fluff drying, the hair is not only supposed to be dried but straightened as well. The warm air from the dog grooming dryer is directed at that part of the dog’s coat you are drying. The hair should then be brushed in an upward motion with quick, even strokes until the hair in that particular spot is straight and dry. This process is carried out over the entire coat of the dog until it is completely dry. The results of a fluff dry can often determine the overall appearance of the completed grooming job so it is very important to learn how to do the fluff dry method correctly. Note that special attention should be given to the head, ears (long-haired ears) and leg areas of the dog.

The next method of drying is known as kennel or cage drying and is best used on dogs with short coats or on dogs whose coat does not require a straight or fluffed appearance. When using this drying method a special cage dog grooming dryer is attached to a cage and the dog is placed in the cage on a towel until they are dry. It is extremely important to make sure that the cage is properly ventilated on the top and the sides to prevent suffocation. If the dog is too large for a cage they can be stood on a grooming table and dried with a floor dog grooming dryer.

The last method of drying a dog’s coat that is often used to dry smaller breeds is the towel drying method. Towel drying is usually used with small, short-haired dogs like the Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua or Toy Manchester Terrier. The coat of the dog is rubbed briskly with a towel until it is completely dry. This method is not used much anymore because many owners now use the faster cage drying method. If you are grooming your dog yourself and lack the special dog grooming dryers used by professional dog groomers you can use the towel method but you need to make sure that your dog is thoroughly dry before letting them go outside.