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One of the most popular dog accessories nowadays are dog outfits and wearable accessories like doggy bandanas. These dog accessories are becoming so popular that the dog clothes and accessories market is a multi-million dollar a year business and growing.

You can buy clothes for dogs at just about any pet store and there are even specialty stores with designer dog clothes for sale. I know someone who works at a dog clothes store in downtown Chicago and she says business just keeps growing. You can also find cheap dog clothes online if you do a little searching and can save quite a bit of money this way.

Most dog outfits usually come in three standard sizes: Large dog clothes for big breeds, medium for medium breed dogs and small dog clothes for toy or teacup dogs. You can even have designer dog accessories custom made for you that will fit your puppy perfectly. Seasonal clothes for dogs are very popular and Christmas dog clothes and dog Halloween costumes are very trendy and popular. Some schools even have puppy accessories for your dog in your schools team colors!

Dog bandanas are probably the most popular dog accessory and also the cheapest but if you have some sewing experience you might want to consider making your own to save some money. First, get about a square foot and a half of fabric in any style and color you. Then cut the bandana shape diagonally so it forms a triangle. Be sure and hem all the edges so that the fabric will not fray and come apart.

Next, you need to sew in a simple string that will let you tie your creation around your dog’s neck. If you have a larger dog you can make a larger bandana to fit them but be careful with small dogs as you want to be sure the bandana will not get caught on anything. If you have several dogs consider making matching colored bandannas for each of them.

Some devoted dog owners love to dress-up their dogs for special events like family photos. If you do that a great idea is to have someone with sewing skills create an outfit to match yours. The outfit will not only look cute but will also help make your dog look like they part of the family.

When sizing any dog accessory be sure that the outfit is comfortable for your pet. Remember, many dogs will find any dog clothes to be uncomfortable at first so make sure the outfit is snug but not too tight so as to restrict your dog’s mobility.

Ideally there should be a finger’s width between your dog’s outfit and their body and if at any time your dog looks uncomfortable in their outfit simply try a different size.

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