Dog Arthritis Symptoms & Treatment for Dog Osteoarthritis

Dog arthritis is very difficult to treat especially when it has reached chronic levels. There are several common symptoms that you can observe if your dog is suffering from arthritis. Being observant is very crucial in reducing the pain your dog has to go through because you can find treatment for your dog as soon as possible.

One of the most obvious signs of arthritis in dogs is laziness. Dogs that have arthritis are usually inactive and they tend to lie down on the floor all day long. You may mistakenly assume that your dog is tired and therefore needs some rest. Keep in mind that a healthy dog will never always lie down. If you notice unusual laziness in your dog, chances are it is suffering from pain or discomfort in the body due to arthritis disease. This is especially true for dogs that are previously very active.

Another way to detect arthritis in dogs is by getting your dog stand on its two back feet. Usually a normal and healthy dog will be able to do that easily. If it can’t do that, it is an indication that your dog has pain in the legs. While older dogs will normally have difficulties in performing this feat, there is a possibility that your dog has actually developed arthritis.

In addition, dog arthritis can lead to a drop in your dog’s weight. The reason for this is simple. Due to the pain and discomfort in the body, your dog loses appetite and can hardly finish the food. When you notice that your dog is eating less by the day, you know something is wrong in your dog’s body.

If you observer that you dog has serious fever and suffers from great pain, it may be a sign that the arthritis disease has reached a chronic stage. Consult the veterinarian immediately and get your dog a diagnosis even if the fever is caused by other illnesses. It is very important that you take precaution actions whenever your dog’s health is in danger.

Last but not least, dogs with arthritis are likely to lose the muscles and shape. Due to the pain in the bones and joints, your dog is reluctant to run around and exercise on its own. As a result, the muscles start to contract and your dog loses the body fitness it used to have. Losing muscle tone is a particularly obvious sympton of arthritis if your dog previously has strong muscles and good shape. Always consult the veterinarian if you notice this problem with your dog.

Senior dogs have a higher chance of getting arthritis. You should always pay close attention to your dog, especially if it is getting older. If your dog is still young, take the necessary preventive steps to ensure that your puppy won’t be attacked by arthritis easily. If you have verified that your dog has developed joint pain disease, look for a treatment for dog arthritis immediately, for example the highly effective Pet Bounce dog arthritis treatment.

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