Discover The Different Breeds of Guinea Pigs

From the point of view of the majority of individuals, checking out guinea pigs is similar to observing one of the most adorable creatures on earth. However, it is very difficult to identify various guinea pig species by simply taking a look at them; we should be able to distinguish guinea pig species from the various types.

It is said that all guinea pigs share a few characteristics which should be the same no matter what breed. All guinea pigs or cavvies should have a roundish head, big eyes and smooth, small floppy ears. Guinea pigs are part of the rodent family which includes mice and rats. Now to figure out the breed of a guinea pig is a bit harder. As per research that I have done online, it is said that there are five main breeds of guinea pigs that can help you to differentiate one from the other.

• Smooth-coated

Smooth-coated guinea pigs, as the name says, have smooth coats that are short. This is one of the easiest breeds of guinea pigs to find. Their coats are definitely extremely smooth, and short-haired; one just has got to brush the coat to identify that it really is smooth. After brushing the coat it’ll seem as if it hasn’t been touched.

• Long-coated

Now long-coated guinea pigs are definitely the ones with very long coats. By looking at the length of the coat of the guinea pig, if this very long it is a very good and accurate method of figuring out its breed. In addition they generally have tufts of hair that stand out. Lengthy haired breeds have to be groomed each day, or else the hair may become knotted.

• Rough-coated

Rough-coated guinea pigs are usually some of the most difficult to take care of. Because of the roughness of the coat this breed has, it really is very difficult to groom the animal because of the roughness of the coat. Its juting out hair is fairly distinctive and unbelievably attractive to observe. The hair of a few of these may feel very stiff.

• Hairless

The hairless variety of guinea pigs may be the easiest to identify. This is a breed of guinea pigs which has hereditary elements which influences the development of hair on their entire body. Care is required to look after these kinds of pets because they need to make up for the loss of heat in their body due to the lack of hair.

• Colorations

Lastly is Colorations. Guinea Pigs have a lot of different colors. There are some with single colors and some with combined colors that makes it more attractive, such as the tri-color variety of breed.
These are the different breeds of guinea pigs. Cute pets that can make your day with one cute pose.

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