Cold Water BathCold Water Bath

A cold water baths stimulates the circulatory and the nervous system. One should avoid a cold water bath during a fast. A cold water bath should never be taken immediately after a meal. This caution does not apply to hot water bath. Sometimes people mix salt with warm water and take bath with it. This is usually practiced to decrease the physical stress and tiredness.

Most of us consider bath with reference to water bath only, but there are some other kinds of bath too like the sunbath, mud bath, air bath etc. Each of them has got its own importance and uniqueness. It is because of clothes that cover our body for nearly whole of our life. Hardly does it happen that the whole body is exposed to sunlight. Same is the case with the air.

Exposing the nude body to sunlight is called sun bath and to air is called air bath. Some of the naturopathy clinics recommend mud bath which involves bathing and covering the whole body with medicated mud.

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