Causes of Dog Arthritis & Dog Joint Pain ReliefCauses of Dog Arthritis & Dog Joint Pain Relief

Causes of Dog Arthritis & Dog Joint Pain Relief

Dog arthritis usually occurs when your dog is between 7 to 11 years old. Although not every dog will suffer from joint pain relief, it is statistically known that this disease will approximately affect 7 out of 10 dogs. It is therefore essential that you learn the causes of arthritis in dogs so that proper actions and preventive measures can be undertaken early.

1. Age factor

Old dog with arthritisOld dogs have an extremely high risk of getting dog arthritis. Obviously there isn’t much you can do against the aging process in your dog. The best thing you can do to prevent the attack of joint pain is have appropriate dog exercise and keep a healthy weight of your dog. Although arthritis usually attacks senior dogs, keep in mind that it can happen to every dog and dogs in younger age are also susceptible to this disease. Prevention is the key in keeping your dog joint pain free.

2. Hip dysplasia and related diseases

In addition to the age factor, dogs with hip dysplasia are also very vulnerable to arthritis. Dog hip dysplasia disease can be genetically inherited and causes limping and pain around the joints. Some environmental conditions may also lead to this disease. Consult the veterinarian to look for the appropriate solution if you suspect that your dog has the hip dysplasia disease.

3. Nutritional issues

Feeding your dog with the right food is critical in reducing the risk of dog arthritis in an early age. Don’t just feed your dog any food and never get into the idea that a puppy won’t be affected by joint pain. By giving it a balanced meal and proper nutrition such as the correct type and amount of protein consistently, not only will your dog be healthier, it will also be able to fend off the attack of arthritis.

4. Bad breeding practices

Arthritis in dogs can be hereditary. Breeding dogs that have arthritis background must be avoided if you want the new-born puppies to be arthritis-free. Yes, dogs with a clean background will still suffer from joint pain, but at least you can be sure that it’s not due to the genetic factor as a result of poor breeding practices.

5. Injuries

Injuries can be a nightmare to your dog and can greatly increase the chance of getting arthritis. This is especially true if the injuries happened to the bones or joints. If the ligaments of the joints are ragged by accidents and they are not taken good care of immediately and properly, arthritis will start to develop in a very short period of time. Many dog owners don’t take injuries in joints seriously and assume that these injuries will heal naturally. Little do they know that their dogs will get a more painful and long-term disease. Therefore, be sure to take your dog to the veterinarian for immediate treatment if it is injured.

6. Weight issues

Just like human beings, dogs can suffer from obesity too. Dogs with overweight issues will have higher risk of getting arthritis in an early age. The best cure for weight problems in dogs is exercise. Take your dog out for jogging and try to maintain an active lifestyle. Your dog will be healthier and stronger. In conclusion, prevention is always better than cure. If your dog doesn’t suffer from arthritis, you should take action now to prevent it. If your dog has developed chronic joint pain, the best thing you can do is look for an effective and safe joint pain relief formula for dogs, such as the Pet Bounce dog arthritis treatment.

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