Cat Care Tips: Are your pet cats happy in the summer?Cat Care Tips: Are your pet cats happy in the summer?

It’s that time again of year when the sun shines brightly, and the temperature seems to rise indefinitely. Extreme summers can prove to be difficult for pets and humans alike. These are ways your cat can enjoy the summer and avoid health problems like dehydration or overheating. The good news is that cats are more able to deal with warm weather than canines. The ideal body temperature for cats is between 38.06 and 38.61 degrees Celsius. If your cat’s temperature is above 41.6 degrees Celsius, it is a sign that they are overheated. You should immediately take them to the vet. For a pleasant summer, read these tips to care for cats.

Let your cat venture out into the shade of your garden.

A green space with trees and shrubs provides a cool retreat for cats who spend their time outdoors. The shaded yard areas are a great place for a cat to relax.

It is best to allow your pet to go outside in the morning and at night. This applies to choosing the best time to walk your cat/kitten.

The pet should have a comfortable place to relax in your house.

The house’s basement or a cooler room would be out of direct sunlight. This area would be ideal for the cat to spend its entire day. A carpeted area with Marble or Ceramic tiles will keep it cool even in hot, humid conditions.

Fans or air conditioning can also be used to lower the temperature in the house.

Plaques filled with chilled water can be placed around or in front of the cat’s bed to allow the feline to lie down or sit beside it. Plastic bags with ice cubes filled with water can be placed underneath the pet’s couch or near it on hot days.

After soaking the towel in cold water, the owner can wrap the cloth around the cat. A towel can be placed in the freezer for a while so that the cat can enjoy some nippiness under hot conditions.

Get drinking water for your kitten/cat.

Pets rely heavily on their human parents for most of their needs. Pet guardians should be proactive and place water bowls strategically throughout the house, especially where the pet is most active. The cat will feel compelled to drink water, and it will also be able to maintain a healthy fluid intake. To keep your cat’s water from becoming too warm, you can add ice cubes to its drinking water.

Sunscreen for the Cat

The sun’s harmful rays can affect almost every creature. Your cat can suffer sunburns and other skin problems from the blazing sun. Before your cat ventures out, apply sunscreen to him. Sunburns are more common in light-haired cats and kittens with short ears and pale faces. Sunburns can also cause cancer in the nose and ears. Sunscreen should be applied to the ears, nose, and skin.

Summertime is a great time to grow ticks and fleas.

Fleas or tick infestations can happen at any time of year. However, they can be more bothersome in hot-humid conditions. Powders, tick/flea sprays and shampoos can get rid of fleas/ticks down your drain. The product should be applied to the pet’s entire body for approximately ten minutes. Tick-control collars are also available. Clearing your yard of dead leaves will also help reduce the tick population.