Dog Dryers


Dog Dryers There are three primary methods that can be used to properly dry the coat of a dog, depending on the breed of dog you are working with. They are: The fluff dry method, the cage drying method and the towel dry method. The fluff-dry method is probably the most difficult to achieve and

Dog Diet


Dog Diet Animal Fats While nearly all animal fats include just as many calories as vegetable oils, only two contain essential fatty acids in amounts adequate enough to supply a dog’s nutritional needs. These are the fats from pigs, normally called lard, and horse fat. The tallow of beef and mutton should never be used

Dog Clothes


One of the most popular dog accessories nowadays are dog outfits and wearable accessories like doggy bandanas. These dog accessories are becoming so popular that the dog clothes and accessories market is a multi-million dollar a year business and growing. You can buy clothes for dogs at just about any pet store and there are

Dog Bathing


Dog Bathing The rules on how frequently you should bathe your dog are different from one dog breed to the next. The breed of the dog as well as the type of coat they have will determine how often they should get a dog bath. For instance, the Poodle should be bathed every four or

Dog Arthritis Treatment & Medicine – Stop Joint Pain in Your Dog Effectively


Dog arthritis treatment can be divided into several categories. Arthritis is most common among senior dogs. If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, the veterinarian will typically prescribe drugs that help soothe joint pain in the dog’s body. One of the best and safest treatments for dog arthritis is natural remedies. These natural remedies

Collar Puppy Training


Collar Puppy Training Training your puppy or dog does not mean disciplining them harshly. If you go about it properly they will think it more fun than any game you have played with them. Some dogs are more obedient than others with a few failing to recognize the “I mean it” voice. Remain calm, firm

Causes of Dog Arthritis & Dog Joint Pain Relief


Causes of Dog Arthritis & Dog Joint Pain Relief Dog arthritis usually occurs when your dog is between 7 to 11 years old. Although not every dog will suffer from joint pain relief, it is statistically known that this disease will approximately affect 7 out of 10 dogs. It is therefore essential that you learn

Adopting A Puppy For Companionship


When my friend broke up with his girlfriend, he was terribly lonely for about four months. This was a girl that he really loved and she broke his heart, by all intents and purposes. I was very concerned that he would never be able to have a solid relationship again – with a woman or

Keeping Your Pet Healthy With Cheap Pet Insurance


With accounts of veterinarian specialists within the rise, in the event you love your puppy how can you contemplate not getting pet insurance policies to include the expenses of healthcare medical tests, x-rays, prescriptions along with other healthcare charges? As the vacation insurance plan guidelines for persons, you'll be able to purchase guidelines inside the

Free Hen House Plans: Step by Step Instructions


Are you searching for free hen house plans? One of the first questions is always “how and where do I build a chicken house?”. Your Hens will need a pen that will let them rest lay and nest but that will also provide protection from nasty predators and the weather. Most people opt to rear

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