Bicycle Dog Carriers

The sun is shining, grass is green, sky is blue, birds singing.What a great day, why don’t you take a ride with your bicycle ? Don’t want to leave your dog home alone, while you’re riding your bicycle ? Well, that’s not a big problem at all my dear reader. Combine your outdoor activities together with your dog, believe me she will love it ! Bicycle dog carriers are great to take your dog with you, and feel the wind together with your 4 legged friend.

If you are considering about buying a bicycle dog carrier, then you should look at these few points:

• If you don’t ride in the “Tour de France”, then the carrier must have 2 wheels, you don’t want to put your dog at risk, do you ? So be sure to buy one with 2 wheels.
• Zippers, if the rain starts, or birds are “making problems” for you (hehe, ok, this was a joke), then at least prevent them making problems for your dog.
• Take a bicycle dog carrier with pockets. You can even put your own stuff there, if you don’t want to risk loosing your valuables while riding. The dog will keep them secured.
• Take one with soft, “breathing” material like cushion or something like that. So dog doesn’t feel there like in a sauna, while riding.
• And last but not list, with a roof ! Oh come on, you know how dogs like to stick their heads out trough a window while driving in the car, right ? So give her the joy, to feel the wind, and buy one with a roof. I guarantee, after that your dog will bark “thank you”.

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