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CATS Felines are natural carnivores in the wild, chewing raw flesh off bones. This creates a natural cleaning process through physical abrasion and salivation. Commercial foods for pet cats reduce the need for gnawing, especially in the case of moist food which means that the natural abrasion and salivation effects are much diminished. The result,

Discount Pet Supplies


If you're reading this, than your like me and million others who own and love a pet. One of the problems with that has become the increasing cost for pet supplies. It can be a real drain on you financially especially if you own more than one pet. In this article I hope to help

The Things You Need To Know about Dog Agility


Canine agility trials are becoming additional and additional well-liked the globe over. They began in England, as so many fine points, do, but “agility fever” rapidly spread all over the globe. Now there are clubs and events everywhere that there are dogs. Some clubs consist of the Kennel Club (within the U.K.), the United States

Caring For Your Cockapoo Rescue


Always check with your dog rescue center when adopting a Cockapoo rescue what care routine the center has been following. That's so you can be sure that the transition from rescue center to your home is a smooth as possible. Find out as much as you possible can before taking the dog home. Find what

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