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Animal Career Apprentice to Animal Trainer and Student


Drop by to read about careers with animals, discover animalcareer schools, and enroll in unique animal and pet career programs.This article talks about apprenticing to obtain an animalcareer.Apprenticing usually means shoveling sh**, thawing fish,cleaning buckets, maintaining the exhibits and other duties that takeaway from an animal trainers day. However, there is a solid reason forthe

Keep A Dog Healthy On A Doggy Treadmill


I was up late working with the TV on in the background one night when I saw the ad for a dog treadmill. The lady on the television had three differently sized dogs huffing it on this miniature treadmill. They were roped in and I felt like the whole scene just looked so ridiculous. Who

How To Stop Puppy Biting


How To Stop Puppy Biting If your puppy is younger than 16 weeks old and is constantly nipping at things it’s perfectly normal behavior as young pups mouth a lot. They like to mouth when playing and they also mouth to communicate their needs. If your puppy starts mouthing ask yourself these questions: Are they

How To Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Healthy and Clean


How To Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Healthy and Clean Cleaning your dog’s eyes properly depends more or less on the type of breed. A dog with protruding eyes and wrinkles on their face like the Pug, Pekingese or Boston Terrier needs to have their eyes cleaned on a regular schedule. Alternatively, other types of breeds

Facts about Dog Arthritis & Its Treatment


Facts about Dog Arthritis & Its Treatment Dog arthritis can affect every dog, especially dogs that have entered senior ages. It is also commonly associated with obese dogs. Dog arthritis is very much identical to arthritis in human beings. It is a chronic disease which leads to tightness in the joints and muscles. As the

House Training Puppies


House Training Puppies Most animals born in a nesting environment instinctively go away from the nest to relieve themselves. They will naturally do this without having to be taught as soon as they are able. Dogs are no exception to this and at about three weeks of age will begin to leave their sleeping area

Dogs with Arthritis – Treat Joint Pain in Your Dog Today


Dogs with Arthritis - Treat Joint Pain in Your Dog Today Arthritis is a huge problem for dogs in the United States. What is arthritis? Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Now most of the time, as far as dogs are concerned, we are talking about osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is inflammation of the joints involving the

Dog Training Chewing


Dog Training Chewing Dog chewing behavior is frequently a developmental stage that puppies go through to ease the pain and itch of cutting new teeth. The majority of dogs stop chewing everything in sight once their new teeth are fully erupted (around 9 months old). The small number of dogs that do not stop chewing

Dogs Love Frisbees, Balls And Sticks


One thing is for sure amongst just about any dog you will find: dogs love to run and chase things. For this reason, projectile toys are among the most popular selection for both man and dog. As a pet owner, it is enjoyable to stand and watch your pet chase after a ball or Frisbee

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