Adopting A Puppy For CompanionshipAdopting A Puppy For Companionship

When my friend broke up with his girlfriend, he was terribly lonely for about four months. This was a girl that he really loved and she broke his heart, by all intents and purposes. I was very concerned that he would never be able to have a solid relationship again – with a woman or a dog.
One day, we were shopping for fish food at the pet store and came across a section of the store where they were giving away puppies. My friend was looking at them, but he had never owned a dog before. When I went over to chat with him, he said that he wasn’t interested in buying one, but thought that they were so cute. I picked one up and put it in his arms. From there, I knew that it was a match made in heaven.
We adopted the puppy for him and walking him down the doggy isle. We purchased a whole bunch of doggy toys that we thought the puppy would like. We got balls, ropes, Frisbees, doggy beds and puppy food. We also got a leash so that they could start playing outside right away.
When we got back to my friend’s house, we let the puppy run all over the place. The puppy was having such a great time and was truly free. He would not stop jumping into my friend’s lap and wagging his tail. My friend really lit up as he was watching the puppy.

After a few days, my friend decided on the name “Trekker”. He chose the name not only because he looked forward to taking long walks and hikes with the dog, but also because he was going to take the dog on a cross-country car trip with him and needed an appropriate name.
That summer, my friend loaded up his car with his dog and a bag full of clothes and headed out west. He sent postcards and pictures from along the way. In each picture, Trekker was larger than in the previous and I knew that the two of them were having a blast.
The thing that makes me even more happy about the fact that my friend took his dog on the trip is that originally, years ago, he and the ex-girlfriend planned to take the same trip across country together. My friend had wanted to go for so long, but when they broke up, he didn’t have anyone to go with. Now, I can truly understand the bond between man and dog and can confirm that this dog is his best friend.

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